Web Design

Beginning with your ideas, I will create a website look that best represents your business. The design phase includes creating graphics, headings, buttons, navigation, and page layout. Color schemes and website theme are developed during this phase.

Website Development

Once the website design is completed, the actual coding of each web page is started. The development phase is where informational and image content is added to each web page. Custom programming is developed for sites that need special functionality (ie. shopping carts, classified ads, club memberships etc.). Forms are created for collecting information from site visitors and sending to your business via email. Testing is run in all the major browsers, including mobile devices, to be sure the website displays appropriately and functions correctly across platforms. Basically, everything that needs to be done for your website to operate online is performed during the development phase.

Website Maintenance

Once your website is online, you will need occasional changes to keep your site fresh. WordPress websites need to be updated on a regular basis to keep your website secure. Maintenance covers these updates as well as text and image changes, adding functionality and going through a periodic redesign. I perform maintenance on an as-requested basis and charge an hourly rate with no monthly minimums. If you are more comfortable paying a regular monthly fee, please inquire about a retainer agreement.

Ecommerce – Shopping Cart Processing

If you are selling products online then a shopping cart is what you need to help site visitors make purchases. If you have products with simple options and standard pricing, I can assist you in locating a shopping cart system and customizing it to look like your site. If you have unique options for your products or pricing that is based on special calculations, I can write a custom shopping cart that will meet your product’s needs. There are different options for receiving payments via your website, which we will discuss in our initial consultation.

Membership Websites

There are many types of organizations that require membership to view specific information on their website; one of the most common are club websites. I can build a website that will enable members to create profiles, login with a password, pay for memberships, register for an event or view members only information.

Custom Programming

I can develop a website that operates with special functionality that may be unique to your type of business. I can build an entirely custom programmed website or use a WordPress website base and add custom post types with special page templates or modify plugins to meet your requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

When a web page is optimized for search engines it has all the elements a search engine ‘spider’ is looking for in order to index your site. I include basic optimization into each web page I develop as well as setting up Google and Bing pages; however, a more advanced strategy that develops inbound links to improve search engine rankings may be necessary if your business depends heavily on the internet.

Digital Imaging

Photos are an important part of many websites. Site visitors like to look at photo images and the images help make a site look more interesting. I can use your photo images in digital or print form and enhance them for web presentation. If you do not have a digital camera and live in the Vancouver/Portland area, I am able to come to your business and capture the photos for you.